Off-topic: a short break in Edinburgh

There haven’t been any posts for a few days due to my boyfriend and I skipping off to Edinburgh for a short break. It was our first time there and we definitely want to go back! Everything was brilliant. The hotel (Apex Waterloo Place) was excellent and very centrally located, the weather was mostly dry (but windy!) and the attractions were fascinating.

We went to explore Mary King’s Close shortly after arrival. A guide in a typical medieval costume gave us a tour of the spooky underground passages there, telling lots of stories about the people who used to live there (and the ghosts who still apparently do). We then enjoyed an ale in the super cosy Jolly Judge and had a fantastic meal at Black Bo’s, a vegetarian restaurant. Everything we ate was wonderfully flavoursome; I
opted for the smoked tofu starter with a port and plum sauce, and then roasted peppers stuffed with cheese souffle, served with herby roast veg and a Blue Curacao sauce. We were too full for dessert, so we finished with some Drambuies instead.

The next day was spent doing all the main touristy things – looking round the castle (where I had my only baked treat of the holiday, a slab of Rocky Road), visiting the Camera Obscura and going on the Scotch Whisky Experience tour, where we saw the world’s largest collection of Scotch whisky and learned how to tell the difference between whiskies from the different regions of Scotland.

The Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection

Some of the Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection

More of the Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection

And more...

We went to David Bann, another vegetarian restaurant, in the evening. The food was again exquisite; I started small with just some olives and bread in the hope of being able to fit in dessert this time, but soon realised my error when I tasted the sublime main course – Jerusalem artichoke and celeriac in white wine, sage and cream, with a triangle of puff pastry, artichoke sauce, green beans and roasted cherry tomatoes. Absolutely gorgeous, but so filling I again went without dessert! We did, however, have room for drinks at Whiski, an excellent bar on the Royal Mile where we enjoyed some fantastic Scottish/Irish folk by The Gorms.

Friday was the last day of our break in Edinburgh. We treated ourselves to some extremely cocoa-y drinks in Chocolate Soup (its hot chocolates are so intense they could indeed be chocolate soup) and wandered around a section of the huge National Museum of Scotland before browsing LPs at Avalanche Records and drinking in the magnificent views of the castle from a cafe on the Grassmarket.

We managed to fit quite a lot in considering we were only in Edinburgh for a couple of days, but there’s definite scope to go back and do even more! I’m a sucker for historic destinations with lots of interesting stories to learn about – especially if there’s a castle, too – so if you’re the same, this is certainly a city worth considering for your next break.


4 thoughts on “Off-topic: a short break in Edinburgh

  1. Ah, we nearly went to David Bann, but opted for the Japanese restaurant down the street from the Greyfriars Bobby Inn instead. We’ll have to try it next time we’re there.

    • You definitely should. The food was amazing, as was the wine. The dessert list looked incredible, so I was disappointed not to be able to indulge my sweet tooth! Edinburgh’s vegetarians are very lucky.

      • They are. I would move there on the basis of the vegetarian restaurants alone. I was going to recommend the two Japanese places we went to, but was conscious that Chinese/Japanese food isn’t one of D’s favourites!

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