First bake: ginger and treacle scones

Ginger and treacle scones

I’ve been meaning to bake something all weekend. I’d settled on an old favourite, chocolate orange and pecan cookies, until I caught up with the brilliant Cakes, Crumbs and Cooking blog this morning. I started following this blog not long ago and it seems everything Caroline makes is right up my street. So when I saw her recipe for crystallised stem ginger and treacle scones – featuring two flavours I absolutely adore in cakes – I just *knew* I had to bake them.

I’ve made scones a few times before, but they’ve always been the plain variety, with mixed results. These scones actually seem to be easier to make than the ones I’ve baked before. I liked Caroline’s trick of mixing the treacle with milk and then warming it in the microwave to ensure the treacle can be evenly mixed into the dough – it definitely worked a treat. The only faffy bit for me was rubbing the butter into the flour mixture to create ‘breadcrumbs’, but this is something I always find a bit faffy to do!

Unbaked ginger and treacle scones

Ginger and treacle scones, pre-baking

I used a slightly smaller cutter than the one Caroline used – it was probably about half a centimetre smaller. I managed to get 9 scones out of the mixture using this cutter, and they stayed pretty much the same size after going in the oven (although some of them did puff up on the top rather spectacularly – you can see some in the picture below). This is probably because the dough wasn’t completely brought together on the top for some of them, as you can see above in the ‘before’ picture.

Ginger and treacle scones

Baked ginger and treacle scones

Taste-wise, the scones are pretty damn good. The stem ginger provides the prevailing ginger flavour, while you get a hint of treacle in the background. I had a couple a few minutes after they came out of the oven, with butter, but I think Caroline’s suggestion of having them with ginger conserve would work beautifully. They came out a little crumbly but not overly so; next time I will probably work the dough a bit more to bring it together and avoid the messy tops, as well as maybe add a little more treacle to coax out that particular flavour a tad more.

Ginger and treacle scones

The recipe

You can find the recipe on the Cakes, Crumbs and Cooking blog here:

Thanks Caroline!


6 thoughts on “First bake: ginger and treacle scones

  1. I’ve only ever made plain or fruit scones before but these sound delicious! Love the combination of ginger and treacle, they look very moreish.

  2. I’m so pleased you liked them. Yours look great 🙂 I think you’re right that they probably need a bit more treacle to bring out the flavour more, and a touch more milk – on reflection I found the dough a little bit dry.

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