First bake: mocha fudge cake with coffee icing

Mocha fudge cake with coffee icing

Oops... mocha fudge cake with runny coffee icing

My boyfriend set me the challenge of baking everything from the wonderful BBC Good Food 1o1 Cakes & Bakes book a while ago. The 13th recipe, mocha fudge cake with coffee icing, is one I’ve been looking forward to making for a looooong time.

It’s a pretty traditional concept – chocolate + coffee + lashings of butter and sugar = heavenly. The method for this one is a bit more complex than the chocolate cakes I’ve made previously, though. It involves a few things I’ve either never done before (making a meringue mix) or have only done rarely (separating eggs). I found it quite time-consuming to make, as there were lots of little tasks to do, but sticking closely to the recipe seems to have worked on the whole.

I say on the whole, because the one bit of the recipe that simply did not work for me was the icing. The picture in the book suggests the icing should be very thick in consistency, but mine ended up pretty runny – as you can tell from the messy photo above (my extremely amusing brother suggested I record a video of it, rather than take a photo, because of all the icing dripping from the edges). It was quite runny before I put it in the fridge, but I assumed the three to four hours of chilling time would help thicken it up a bit. Wrong! I think I’ll add more butter/less coffee if I make this again to ensure I end up with icing I can spread, rather than one I have to pour.

Mocha fudge cake with coffee icing

Despite the icing disaster, the cake really is delicious. All the faffing to make the sponge was worth it; it’s delightfully light yet moreish. It is extremely sweet, though (apparently there’s 77g of added sugar per serving!) – after my recent dental troubles I don’t think I’ll be having any more of this cake for now!

The recipe

From BBC Good Food 1o1 Cakes & Bakes, and also available online here (where you can see what the icing should look like!).


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