Re-bake: olive muffins

Olive muffins and olive & feta muffins

Olive muffins (first 6 from left to right) and olive & feta muffins (last 6)

In between making the icing and sponge for my mocha fudge cake on Saturday, I decided to tackle Madhur Jaffrey’s olive muffins again. I made these for the first time last month, but had a bit of a disaster after forgetting to add the spring onions to the muffin mix. Happily, I remembered to do it this time, and also made a few other changes.

The muffins came out a bit dry and bread-like last time, so I added more olive oil (about 1.5 tbsp on top of what the recipe calls for). This definitely improved the texture and made it softer. I also added about 65g of cubed feta to half of the mix to make olive and feta muffins. But perhaps the most transformative change was using kalamata olives, despite the recipe stating salty olives must not be used. Kalamata olives have quite a strong, salty flavour, and I don’t understand why the recipe says you shouldn’t use salty olives, as they really made a big difference to the taste of the muffins.

Olive muffins and olive and feta muffins

Olive muffins in close-up (the bottom left muffin is olive and feta)

The olive and feta muffins are just as delicious (if not a little more!) as the plain olive muffins. I’m a huge fan of feta and can’t get enough of it, and combined with the kalamata olives it really does create a sensational flavour. However, I think the feta tipped the muffins towards being a little too salty – possibly too salty for some people. Next time I’ll add a little sugar to redress the balance.


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