First bake: rum and raisin biscuits

Rum and raisin biscuits

I had yet another week last week where I was determined to give the baking (and my sugar levels) a rest for one weekend, but swiftly changed my mind after spotting another brilliant recipe. The culprit this time was a recipe for rum and raisin biscuits on the excellent Caked Crusader blog. Rum and raisin is a combination I find utterly delicious, yet I rarely get to indulge in it. So on Sunday I left my visiting boyfriend (read: baking widow) sitting around in the living room while I tried to turn these out.

Rum and raisin biscuit mix

Rum and raisin biscuit mix

The recipe is extremely simple and straightforward. The mix (above) came together beautifully, so I didn’t need to add much more rum to it (although I did add a little, of course, just for extra booziness). The raisins themselves were soaked in the rum for nearly two hours, rather than overnight as recommended. However, they were certainly boozy enough after just two hours, so I wouldn’t worry about soaking them for ages if you want to try this recipe while in a rush.

Rum and raisin biscuits, pre-baking

Rum and raisin biscuits, pre-baking

The Caked Crusader says the recipe is supposed to make 30 biscuits, yet she only ended up with 13 (I’m guessing they were massive!). I managed a respectable 25 with my mix, and they only took 15 minutes to bake – perhaps a little less for the ones that weren’t quite as brown as the others. Consistency-wise, they turned out a little more cakey than I would have liked (a bit more like cookies than biscuits), so I’ll press them flatter next time. Taste-wise, they were amazing! Very boozy but with enough sweetness to counteract the rum. The healthy (or unhealthy) amount of butter in the recipe also helped lend these a moreish flavour.

If you love biscuits and the combination of rum and raisin, you honestly can’t go far wrong with these! Expect to see these turn up in the re-bake category soon…

Rum and raisin biscuits

The recipe

From the Caked Crusader blog here:


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