A surprise cow cake

Cow cake!

I went to visit my boyfriend yesterday, as he was cooking a French feast for various members of his family who were staying over for the weekend. The meal itself was wonderful, but the cherry on top was this amazing cow cake that was presented to me at dessert time.

My boyfriend’s sister is a brilliant baker, and had apparently wanted to make this cake for me for a while. I have a bit of a thing for cows, and I’ve mentioned a few times recently that I’d like to make myself a cow cake for my birthday next month – but I’ve very definitely been beaten to it!

The head is made entirely of sugarpaste, while the grass was painstakingly piped on to the board. The body is a delicious blondie – or white chocolate brownie – cake, and the legs are little chocolate Swiss rolls. The best bit, though, is the colour of the blondie cake…

A piece of purple cow cake

Purple! (And green, but that wasn’t intentional.) There’s a layer of bright purple icing under the sugarpaste on the top of the cake, which helped ‘dye’ bits of the sponge purple, too. In case you hadn’t guessed, I also have a bit of a thing for purple (and yes, I ❤ Milka chocolate).

The cake tastes just as good as it looks – the blondie cake in particular is absolutely perfect. Also provided, but not pictured here, was a big pile of rocky road, which may or may not have been cowpats! Apparently.

Cow cake head

It was all such a lovely surprise, and it’s still making me smile today. The only problem is I have no idea what to make myself for my birthday now!


5 thoughts on “A surprise cow cake

  1. Hi I love this cow cake. My step dad has a farm, and I would love to make this for him. He took such great care of my mom up till the time she past away 2 years ago. Last year I made a pig in the mud cake. It was wonderful. I want to make him happy, and show him all the appreciation for what he did for my mom.
    Thankyou. Lisa

  2. Thank you so much. I am going to try the surprise cow cake. My family loves it. When I do I will take a pic and send it to you. Take care

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