First bake: Lady Grey biscuits

Lady Grey biscuits

Twinings makes an excellent tea called Lady Grey that is a slightly fruity twist on good ol’ Earl Grey. It’s been a favourite of mine for several years, and a few days ago I decided to come up with a biscuit recipe based on the fresh, light flavours of the tea.

This recipe is loosely based on the rum and raisin biscuits I baked a couple of weeks ago, and also uses the excellent tea infusion method I incorporated into my tea masala cake recipe last month. I aimed to create a delicately flavoured biscuit that accentuates the lemon and orange flavours of Lady Grey.

I had to tweak the biscuit base a little, as it came out a little drier than when I made the rum and raisin biscuits – I suspect this is because the process of infusing the loose tea in the butter resulted in some of the butter clinging to the tea leaves that I discarded. I added a tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of milk to sort out this issue. As you can see in the picture below, the mix was still quite crumbly, but it was moist enough to press together into biscuits. I got 24 biscuits out of the mix altogether, which is about right.

Lady Grey biscuit mix

Lady Grey biscuit mix

I made sure to press the biscuits completely flat this time, which definitely paid off. The end result was biscuit-y with a ‘snap’ quality to the texture, rather than the more cookie-like ones I ended up with last time.

So, what did they taste like? While the zesty flavours of the orange and lemon definitely came through, I think I could have done with adding a lot more tea to the butter during the infusion process. I can barely taste the tea itself in the biscuit, which is a big shame! I used 2 teabags’ worth of Lady Grey (mainly because the icing for the tea masala cake had 2 teabags’ worth of Yorkshire Tea in it, which came out pleasingly strong), but I think I probably should have used 4 or 5, as Lady Grey is much more delicate than the robust flavours of Yorkshire Tea.

They’re still very nice biscuits, though – hopefully they will have more of a tea flavour the next time I bake them!

Lady Grey biscuits

The recipe

Based on The Caked Crusader’s rum and raisin biscuit recipe and Cupcake Project’s tea infusion method.

Makes approx. 25 biscuits

  • 225g unsalted butter
  • 140g caster sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 280g plain flour
  • 30g loose Lady Grey tea (or approx. 4-5 teabags’ worth)
  • zest of ½ lemon
  • zest of ¼ orange
  • milk, if needed
  • a little juice from the lemon/orange, if needed
  1. Heat the unsalted butter in a saucepan until just melted and add the tea. Heat gently for 5 minutes, remove from the heat and allow to stand for 5 minutes.
  1. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve (a tea strainer is ideal), pressing hard on the tea leaves, and remove any tea leaves from the strained mixture. Leave to cool to room temperature.
  1. Preheat the oven to 190°C/fan oven 170°C/375°F/gas mark 5. Line two baking sheets with baking paper.
  1. Beat together the butter and sugar until smooth and light. Beat in the vanilla and the egg yolk.
  1. Stir the flour and the zest into the mixture. Add a tablespoon of lemon or orange juice and/or 2 tbsp of milk if the mix looks too dry to bring together.
  1. Take tablespoons of the dough and place them 3cm apart on the baking sheets. You should get approximately 25.
  1. Press down on the biscuits so they are as flat as possible. If they are too domed they will be cakey in texture rather than biscuity.
  1. Bake for 15 minutes. They should be golden and crumbly around the edges, but still soft in the centre.
  1. Leave to cool completely on the baking sheets before storing in an airtight container. You will find that they have crisped up and are no longer soft in the centre. Serve with a cup of Lady Grey tea.

4 thoughts on “First bake: Lady Grey biscuits

  1. I have just this moment drained the dregs of my cup of Earl Grey tea – might have to try Lady Grey. These look lovely – I adore a citrus twang in baked goods.

  2. Oh my gosh, these were so delicious! I tried making them with 4 teabags like you suggested, and my kitchen smells absolutely amazing, guh *v*
    I managed to get 35 biscuits out of this recipe though, so I think I took the ‘press the biscuits’ part a bit too literally.
    I didn’t put any lemon/orange zest or juice in either, because I didn’t have any on hand, so I’ll definitely try that next time. Even without the added citrus-ness, they still tasted great. A bit like eating a cup of sweet tea.

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