First bake: mango, banana and coconut cake

Mango, banana and coconut cake

The Indian mango season is well underway, so I thought I’d make the most of the current crop with this cake, another stroke of genius from BBC Good Food. Indian (and Pakistani) mangoes are, in my opinion, the best mangoes you’ll ever try, and certainly far superior to the ones you get in the supermarket thanks to their incredible sweetness and juiciness.

You can buy these mangoes over the summer (May to July, roughly) from pretty much any Indian grocer/cash and carry – cities and large towns are your best bet. They start importing them fairly early on, and sell them by the box, but they’re usually cheapest in the middle of the season. My mum bought a box of these a couple of weeks ago, and we spent a good few evenings gorging ourselves on them. She saved one for me to use in my baking, and by the time I got round to doing so it was incredibly ripe – perfect for a cake!

As may have been mentioned before, I’m also a huge coconut fan – and I love bananas too, making this a rather excellent cake for me to try. As with most BBC Good Food recipes, this is a doddle to make. The faffiest bit was pulping the raw mango, which only took a few minutes to do anyway, as it was so ripe and soft.

The bananas I used weren’t particularly ripe, unfortunately, but it doesn’t seem to have detracted from the overall flavour of the cake. Texture-wise, the crumb is quite large and dense – much like you’d expect from a tealoaf or a traditional fruit cake. For me, the coconut could have been a stronger flavour, but I suspect that’s just because I can’t get enough of it! My sponges were thicker than those in the picture in the book, but I think my tins were 18cm in diameter, rather than 20cm – but this didn’t make any difference whatsoever to the final result.

Mango, banana and coconut cake

The winning element of this cake is definitely the cream cheese filling. Half of the mango pulp goes into the cake, while the rest goes into the filling, making for a wonderfully moreish concoction. The mango flavour is definitely stronger in the filling than in the cake itself, so it’s wise not to skimp on the puree in the filling.

Mango and cream cheese filling

Mango and cream cheese filling

Overall, this cake is fantastic. Using Indian mangoes as opposed to the stringier, less flavoursome ones that are available all year round definitely makes a difference – I can’t imagine it being as good using the latter. If I make this again (and I probably will!) I’ll up the amount of dessicated coconut I put in, or even use fresh grated coconut, to completely and utterly satisfy my tastebuds. I can’t recommend this recipe enough – this cake is definitely the perfect summer dessert.

Mango, banana and coconut cake

The recipe

Taken from BBC Good Food 1o1 Cakes & Bakes.


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