Re-bake: Milka chocolate and hazelnut cookies

Milka chocolate and hazelnut cookies

I mentioned not too long ago that there’s a cookie recipe in my trusty BBC Good Food 101 Cakes & Bakes book that I like to adapt to include different flavours now and then. This combination of sweet, creamy Milka chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts is one of my favourites (and yes, I’m on a bit of a Milka kick at the moment!).

As always, these cookies were incredibly quick and easy to make. I swapped the 175g of orange-flavoured chocolate for 100g of ‘plain’ Milka (Alpine Milk flavour) and 100g of hazelnut Milka, which is a bit difficult to find in the shops at the moment, but I had some in the cupboard from when – happiest of days – a shop near me sold some for 59p a bar not too long ago. I broke up the chocolate very roughly (the cookies are best with massive chunks of chocolate in them!) and also roughly chopped the hazelnuts.

Milka chocolate and hazelnut cookie mix

Milka chocolate and hazelnut cookie mix

I learned my lesson from the last time I made these cookies and made sure to space them out on the baking trays so I wouldn’t end up with one giant cookie (as fun as that sounds…!). They were done in less than 20 minutes and absolutely perfect – crunchy round the edges, soft and gooey with melted chocolate in the middle.

And that’s it! They were absolutely delicious and seemed to disappear very quickly. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of them!

Milka chocolate and hazelnut cookies

The recipe

Adapted from BBC Good Food 1o1 Cakes & Bakes.


2 thoughts on “Re-bake: Milka chocolate and hazelnut cookies

    • I would definitely recommend baking with it! It’s probably worth reducing the sugar in whatever you make, though – Milka chocolate is so sweet that these cookies probably increased the likelihood of dental problems by about 75%!

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