First bake: lemon, honey and hazelnut muffins

Lemon, honey and hazelnut muffins

It was my turn to bake for charity this week, but I left my planning to the last minute. I rather riskily decided to make something I’d never made before, purely because I already had all the ingredients in – these lemon, honey and hazelnut muffins.

I really liked the sound of this flavour combination and thought nothing could go wrong! Indeed, making the muffins was a cinch, especially with the electric whisk I decided to use to save time. However, things started to go awry when I began spooning the mix into the muffin cases. There seemed to be very little mix in each case, but the recipe definitely says ‘makes 12’, so I baked them anyway, hoping they would rise a LOT.

Lemon, honey and hazelnut muffins, pre-baking

Lemon, honey and hazelnut muffins, pre-baking

Unfortunately, they didn’t. They ended up around the same size as a scone, and not particularly muffin-like! They tasted nice, especially with the honey brushed on top, but they definitely weren’t muffins. I ended up selling them as ‘mini cakes’, and they still sold out, but I wasn’t particularly happy with their size.

The book I used is an American one with all the quantities converted to grams/ounces from cups, so I’m wondering if some of the conversions are incorrect or if Americans mean something different by the word ‘muffins’ compared with what us Brits know them to be!

If I was to make this recipe again, I would probably either halve the recipe and make 6 muffins, or double it to make 12 good-sized ones.

Lemon, honey and hazelnut muffin

The recipe

Taken from Baking by Martha Day.


2 thoughts on “First bake: lemon, honey and hazelnut muffins

  1. What a delish sounding flavour combo. I bet they tasted lovely despite them not rising. Most of the muffin recipes I use say to mix with a big silver spoon rather than using an electric mixer – maybe this had something to do with them not rising?

    • Ah, I’ve never heard the silver spoon thing before! But that may well be it, although I still think the overall amount of mix the recipe makes is a bit wrong for 12 muffins! Will definitely bear that in mind next time though.

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