First bake: coconut and raspberry cheesecake

Coconut and raspberry cheesecake

I’ve been meaning to try this recipe ever since I saw it on the excellent Caked Crusader blog a few weeks ago; you’re probably familiar with my love of coconut by now, and I can’t resist a cheesecake! It’s a good recipe to do if you’re oven-phobic, as it simply has to set in the fridge. Well, it’s simple for some, I think – but it wasn’t for me!

Things started off fairly well. The base (I used digestives) was fine and I rather messily mixed all the extremely healthy ingredients for the rest. I used 300g of raspberries rather than 400g, simply because Aldi sold them in 150g packs. I also coated the raspberries in flour to prevent them from sinking to the bottom like it did for the Caked Crusader, which seemed to work. The main difference for me, though, was having to use vegetarian gelatine instead of the pork-derived stuff. I couldn’t find it in leaf form, so settled for a powder product called Vege-Gel, by Dr Oetker.

Unfortunately, something went a bit wrong. I’m not sure if I mixed in the gelatine wrongly, or if the powder itself wasn’t very good, but the cheesecake didn’t entirely set. I left it in the fridge for nearly 24 hours, and when I took it out I gave it a shake to make sure it had set. It didn’t wobble at all, so I confidently took the cake tin ring off it to take a photo – and quickly had to put it back on again! It seemed to have set on the outside, but not in the middle, causing it to collapse (you can see the beginnings of this in the pic above).

I ended up having to scrape the whole lot into a big tupperware box, because the plate wasn’t big or deep enough to cope with a wholesale collapse. We’ve been eating it in bowlfuls, and it does taste extremely lovely (fairly rich, with a hint of coconut and the welcome tartness of the raspberries), but it did end up being cheesecake slop, which was slightly disappointing!

I don’t think I’ll be able to try this again until I find a decent vegetarian substitute for pork gelatine, but I’m glad I gave it a go despite the disastrous results!

The recipe

From the Caked Crusader blog here:


8 thoughts on “First bake: coconut and raspberry cheesecake

  1. Hi there
    Sorry the veggie gelatine didn’t work for you – I’ve never used it so can’t offer any advice.

    Just a note – you should only toss the fruit in flour when the recipe contains flour and will be baked. When the dish is uncooked, you’ll have raw flour left around the fruit.

    Happy baking

  2. Thanks – I didn’t notice any raw flour in the cheesecake, although it might just have dissolved in the liquid! It was only a very thin coating, however. It’s a good recipe; I just should have done a bit of gelatine research beforehand!

  3. Well it looks pretty good at the point before it collapsed. Sounds delicious too. Not sure if I’ve had raspberries and coconut together, but suspect I’d really like it. I’ve bought some agar agar to try as a gelatine substitute (as I too am a vegetarian) but haven’t actually used it yet. It’s very expensive!

    • Ha, thanks! Yes, I don’t think I’d ever had coconut and raspberries together before, but they really do go very well together. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with the agar agar – I might well end up chucking the Vege-Gel in the bin!

    • Possibly – I can’t imagine how much I would need to make it set though. I’d already used twice what I was supposed to, and it was honestly nowhere near set. Would probably have to buy two boxes of it!

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