Re-bake: cinnamon Nutella cake

Cinnamon Nutella cake

It was my turn to do the charity baking for work this week, so I settled on two tried-and-tested favourites – courgette and mozzarella muffins, and this rather delectable cinnamon Nutella cake.

It’s super easy to make – no sifting, no separate wet and dry mixes, etc. Just throw everything into a bowl, stir, layer the mix with dollops of Nutella in the tin, and bake. Now that’s my kind of cake.

Cinnamon Nutella cake mix

Cinnamon Nutella cake mix

The cake was perfect after an hour in the oven, although there was some very slight leaking of melted Nutella from the bottom of the cake when I pulled the baking paper off – but that’s probably due to the fact I always put in a bit more Nutella than the recipe calls for (it, erm, stops me eating quite so much straight from the jar).

Cinnamon Nutella cake mix in tin

Cinnamon Nutella cake mix in tin

I actually used Morrisons own-brand hazelnut and chocolate spread this time, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between that and Nutella, apart from the lovely lower price, of course.

The cake itself has a nice thick crumb (due to the lack of sifting!) with a fairly strong cinnamon flavour and some luscious mouthfuls of ‘Nutella’ at the bottom (if anyone can come up with a way to stop the spread sinking to the bottom during the baking, please let me know!).

Cinnamon Nutella cake

This is an excellent cake to make if you’re in a rush, or just have a longing for some cakey Nutella goodness. There was some cake left over after the sale, which means I get to enjoy a piece as a rare treat this weekend (let’s gloss over the number of WeightWatchers points it contains…!) – lovely!

The recipe

On the BBC Good Food website here –


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