First bake: butterscotch bars

Butterscotch bars

Macadamia nuts are one of my boyfriend’s favourite things, so I thought I’d bake something containing them, seeing as I’ve never used them before. They’re very nice indeed – smooth in texture and not too ‘nutty’ in flavour, making them perfect for a sugary bake like these butterscotch bars.

There’s no actual butterscotch in these, although they do taste quite caramel-like. They’re also extremely quick and easy to make, which is just as well considering I whipped them up in a bit of a panic on Saturday morning after forgetting to do it on Friday evening!

Butterscotch bars mix

Butterscotch bars mix

I deviated from the recipe in a few ways – I used light brown sugar instead of light muscovado, as I didn’t have any in, and used a 20 cm x 20 cm square tin instead of a rectangular one (and baked for 5-10 mins longer to take into account the thicker layer of mixture), hence why these look more like squares than bars! The recipe also recommends using Green & Black’s milk chocolate, but I instead used my last bar of Milka Alpine Milk chocolate.

There’s a LOT of sugar in this recipe. I half toyed with the idea of putting less in, but decided to stick with it in the end, just in case. I’m glad I did, because the bars actually weren’t anywhere near as sweet as I thought they would be! They also weren’t overly chocolatey (not that there’s such a thing in my world), so all the flavours balanced nicely.

The butterscotch bars were a hit with everyone who tried them, so I think I would make these again. It’s a recommended recipe for anyone searching for a quick and easy bake that will please everyone!

The recipe

From the BBC Good Food website here:

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