Re-bake: toffee brownies

Toffee brownies

As promised, here’s my ultra-chocolatey bake in honour of Chocolate Week. It’s one of my all-time favourites and a recipe that I’ve baked many times, because it really does create the perfect chocolate brownie!

Dark muscovado sugar creates the toffee flavour here. The original recipe calls for 350g of dark chocolate with between 50 and 60 per cent cocoa solids, presumably so the chocolate doesn’t overpower the toffee taste.

However, the first time I baked the brownies I completely missed this requirement and used chocolate with much more cocoa solids – I’ve used everything from 50 to 90 (!) per cent over the years (I used 70 per cent this time round). I prefer the higher cocoa content by far – you can still taste the toffee flavour, but you also get an amazingly dense chocolate hit that is guaranteed to make you feel a bit weird (in a good way!).

The method itself is very simple – melt the chocolate and butter together (and resist sticking your finger in the resulting thick, glossy liquid…), whisk the eggs and sugar together, fold the chocolate and butter into the eggs and sugar, add flour and baking powder, and stir.

Toffee brownie mix

Toffee brownie mix

The only issue I’ve had is the fact it always takes me a lot longer to bake the brownies in the oven than the recipe says – it calls for a time of 30-35 mins until firm, but it’s still pretty liquid at this point for me, so I usually have to leave them in for 15-20 mins more. Not sure if this is down to my mix or my oven (a gas one)!

The resulting brownie is fantastic – slightly cakey but pleasingly squidgy, and not too heavy (although the sheer amount of chocolate is enough to put certain sensible people off from having more in case it makes their brains explode! No joke…).

I would recommend trying this out if you’ve been searching high and low for *that* perfect brownie recipe – it really is brilliant and one I’ll continue to use for years to come.

Toffee brownies in tin

Toffee brownies in tin

The recipe

From BBC Good Food 101 Cakes & Bakes. A kind soul has also added it to the BBC Good Food website as a member recipe here.


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