First bake: ginger and chilli biscuits

Ginger and chilli biscuits

Ginger and chilli are two excellent flavours that go together extremely well – in curries, that is. So I was rather intrigued when I came across this recipe for ginger and chilli biscuits on the Caked Crusader blog a while ago – done right, I thought, these are surely the perfect biscuits for me!

I took the advice to make the dough in advance and chill it overnight. It was really easy to make – just cream the butter and sugar together and mix everything else in. I didn’t have any cayenne pepper, so I gingerly (ha!) threw in a little of my mum’s fiery hot red chilli powder. I did think about using paprika, but thought the flavour may be a little too subtle.

Ginger and chilli biscuit dough

Ginger and chilli biscuit dough

I followed the recipe to the letter, and got 55 (!) little biscuits out of the dough in the end. Unfortunately, as is usually the case these days, I had a mini disaster when I realised towards the end of baking the first batch that the oven dial had mysteriously turned itself down from 6 to 3 (or I was my usual absent-minded self and didn’t turn it up far enough). I whacked the heat up and left the biscuits in for a few minutes longer, and they seemed to look fine, albeit a bit more domed than I would have liked.

The second batch went in at the right temperature, but came out a little too brown, even though I took them out after the minimum 12 minutes. Doh! I was beginning to feel a bit like Goldilocks at this point, but soldiered on with the third batch (just 5 biscuits), which again came out a rather dark brown.

Ginger and chilli biscuits

I was desperate to try the finished product, and the biscuits cooled very quickly thanks to their small size. Despite all the browning, they turned out pretty perfectly – very gingery, with a hint of chilli that builds up the more you eat (and I had a lot of biscuits yesterday). They were pleasingly biscuity too, with a buttery taste and a good crunch to them.

I would definitely make these again, but perhaps either turn the oven down a touch or take the biscuits out sooner. I would also make them a little bigger to avoid the temptation of popping 5 or 6 in my mouth in quick succession, but, to be honest, I would probably do that regardless of their size!

The recipe

On the Caked Crusader blog here:


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