First bake: mincemeat and marzipan teabread

Mincemeat and marzipan teabread


I ended up baking three batches of mince pies with the mincemeat I made a few weeks ago, but still had lots left over! Which is a good job, as I’d been planning to bake this mincemeat and marzipan teabread for the office’s Christmas bake sale for a while.

I do like a good teabread, and this is no exception. It was really easy to throw together, although it did involve rubbing flour and butter together to make ‘breadcrumbs’, which always takes me ages!

Mincemeat and marzipan teabread mix

Mincemeat and marzipan teabread mix

The final mix, after adding all of the ingredients to the bowl, was fairly thick, and I had to push it right down into the corners of the tin to make sure it didn’t end up a funny shape like my spotted dog.

My teabread was done after the hour in the oven specified by the recipe, but my boyfriend made this a while ago and it took him far longer in his electric fan oven. Not sure why, as my oven’s a gas one so you would expect it to take longer in mine!

Mincemeat and marzipan teabread


The resulting teabread was delicious – not too dry, packed with fruity, boozy flavours and topped off with lovely moist bits where the marzipan cubes had melted during baking. I thought it seemed a bit flat considering there was self-raising flour in it, but looking at pictures on other blogs, this seems to be a normal size!

Mincemeat and marzipan teabread


The recipe recommends serving this in slices spread with butter. I didn’t get a chance to do this, but as it worked so well with the spotted dog, I would recommend doing the same if you ever make this particular teabread!

The recipe

From BBC Good Food 101 Cakes & Bakes and also available online here:


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