First bake: fudgy coconut brownies

Fudgy coconut browniesI haven’t had much of a chance to get stuck into some new baking recently, what with a rather few hectic weeks at work and the trauma of being a first-time home buyer to contend with! But I managed to knock out these fudgy coconut brownies last night after months of thinking I should *definitely* make these next.

They were really easy to make – just melt a whole block of butter, some cocoa and a whole load of sugar in a pan, then mix in some eggs, flour and dessicated coconut. Then bake for 45 minutes. And that’s it. I used my posh Valrhona cocoa (which is nearly finished – sob!) and half the amount of sugar specified in the recipe. Yes, half. Half a kilo of sugar is waaaay too much for a mere 16 brownies, in my opinion!

Fudgy coconut browniesI have to say, the finished product looked amazing. Super dark, thanks to the posh cocoa, and an incredibly dense texture. The mix rose a LOT in the oven, so the brownies ended up being massive to boot! However, I think all the rising plus the relatively long baking time (for brownies) meant they ended up more cake than brownie-like – or it could have been the ‘missing’ sugar that caused it.

Nevertheless, they were still extremely delicious. I was really pleased with the strength of the coconut flavour – I usually feel a little disappointed in the lack of coconuttiness (yes, I just made that up) whenever I bake something with coconut in, and try to put more in the next time I bake that particular item. But I think this recipe has just the right amount! I suspect the flavour would have been even stronger if I’d used bog standard supermarket cocoa rather than the Valrhona stuff.

All in all, this is a great little recipe if you need to whip up some chocolatey/coconutty treats in a hurry – try it NOW!

The recipe

On the BBC Good Food website here:


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