Re-bake: coconut layer cake

Coconut cakeAh, coconut, how I love you. This is an excellent cake for serious fans of all things coconutty – two coconut sponges sandwiched with coconut buttercream and sour cherry conserve, topped with more buttercream and a sprinking of dessicated coconut.

As this is a BBC Good Food recipe, it’s very easy to make. It says to put all the ingredients in a food processor, but as mine is TINY I just used an electric hand whisk instead. I also added 20g extra dessicated coconut to the sponge and replaced the raspberry jam called for in the recipe with the conserve, as it was the only jam-like thing I had in (and I also love coconut and cherry together!).

I really like the use of coconut cream in this recipe. It goes in both the sponge and buttercream for extra coconuttiness! I use Patak’s coconut cream, which comes in a little box of 4 sachets – you can usually find it in the world foods aisle or similar in the supermarket, rather than the baking aisle.

Coconut cake mix

Coconut cake mix

I actually haven’t had a chance to taste this yet – at the time of writing, I’m still pretty full from my tea this evening! I have made this cake before, though, so I know it’s really nice. It’ll be interesting to see if the extra coconut and sour cherry conserve step things up a bit – hopefully, they will! I’ll add an update when I’ve had a piece…

Edit (literally 10 mins after posting this) – It didn’t take me too long to cave in and have a small piece. Absolutely delicious. The sour cherry really works well with all the sugar and coconut. The sponge is fairly rough in texture, but that would be because of the extra coconut!

Coconut cakeThe recipe

From BBC Good Food’s 101 Cakes & Bakes, and also online here.

Re-bake: carrot cake

Carrot cakeI’m back! Not only have I finally moved into my new house, but it was also The Very Hungry Baker’s first birthday on Tuesday! You would think this calls for a super special celebration cake, but as I’m still lacking a fridge and some basic baking equipment/ingredients, I had to settle for something more modest but very pleasing – carrot cake.

This is a light take on the stodgier carrot cake you might be familiar with, as it uses sunflower oil in place of butter (hence why it was the perfect recipe for fridgeless me at the moment!). Raisins add a bit of interest, along with orange zest, cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg.

Carrot cake mixI had to make a couple of substitutions (as is always the case these days) – I used light brown sugar in place of light muscovado and had to top up the self-raising flour with 20g of plain due to running out of the former. Luckily, this didn’t affect the rise or consistency at all.

The cake is lovely and moist – the carrot flavour is there, but not too in your face, while the raisins and orange are delicious. The spices were barely there for me, but I’ve been ill recently so my tastebuds aren’t what they usually are!

Carrot cake 2The icing is just orange juice and icing sugar, but the cake would definitely work well with a more decadent cream cheese or buttercream topping if you’re not too bothered about calories!

The recipe

From BBC Good Food’s 101 Cakes & Bakes, and also on the BBC Good Food website here:

Re-bake: Victoria sponge

Victoria spongeAs you all know by now, I’m a big fan of traditional British cakes – and I especially love a good Victoria sponge, particularly for celebrations! The combination of soft sponge, decadent buttercream and sweet jam really is perfect for a special occasion. If you can’t tell from the picture above, my special occasion was finally completing on my first ever house purchase on Friday!

I’ve made this recipe from BBC Good Food (of course) a lot, but I seem to have been slightly jinxed with it recently. The last time I made this it looked pretty ridiculous due to a weird rise, but still tasted fine. This time, my first go at the sponge was a complete disaster – after it had been in the oven for a while I realised the tin was leaking liquid all over the oven bottom, because while the top of the cake had cooked, the middle really hadn’t!

Victoria sponge cakes

Victoria sponge buttercream

Buttercream… yum!

Needless to say I decided to try again straight away, and luckily it worked a charm. Making the cake is a doddle (well, most times, obviously) – throw everything in a bowl and mix. And that’s it. Then it’s just a case of making the buttercream and layering everything together.

The recipe calls for an entire jar of jam. You really don’t need that much. I think I used 3 or 4 generous tablespoons, and that was plenty. The buttercream quantity, however, is spot on. Do make sure you sift the icing sugar, otherwise it’ll go extremely lumpy.

Victoria spongeVictoria sponge

As you can see, I went for a house theme for my cake by creating a house template from an old Christmas card, placing it on the top of the cake and sifting some more icing sugar over. I think it worked pretty well! And, of course, the cake itself was absolutely delicious! I’ll have to make the most of it, as I probably won’t be able to bake again for a couple of weeks due to some frantic packing before I actually move in a week or so…

The recipe

From the BBC Good Food website here: