Re-bake: coconut layer cake

Coconut cakeAh, coconut, how I love you. This is an excellent cake for serious fans of all things coconutty – two coconut sponges sandwiched with coconut buttercream and sour cherry conserve, topped with more buttercream and a sprinking of dessicated coconut.

As this is a BBC Good Food recipe, it’s very easy to make. It says to put all the ingredients in a food processor, but as mine is TINY I just used an electric hand whisk instead. I also added 20g extra dessicated coconut to the sponge and replaced the raspberry jam called for in the recipe with the conserve, as it was the only jam-like thing I had in (and I also love coconut and cherry together!).

I really like the use of coconut cream in this recipe. It goes in both the sponge and buttercream for extra coconuttiness! I use Patak’s coconut cream, which comes in a little box of 4 sachets – you can usually find it in the world foods aisle or similar in the supermarket, rather than the baking aisle.

Coconut cake mix

Coconut cake mix

I actually haven’t had a chance to taste this yet – at the time of writing, I’m still pretty full from my tea this evening! I have made this cake before, though, so I know it’s really nice. It’ll be interesting to see if the extra coconut and sour cherry conserve step things up a bit – hopefully, they will! I’ll add an update when I’ve had a piece…

Edit (literally 10 mins after posting this) – It didn’t take me too long to cave in and have a small piece. Absolutely delicious. The sour cherry really works well with all the sugar and coconut. The sponge is fairly rough in texture, but that would be because of the extra coconut!

Coconut cakeThe recipe

From BBC Good Food’s 101 Cakes & Bakes, and also online here.


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