Housewarming afternoon tea

Housewarming afternoon teaNearly three months after moving into my first house, I finally got round to holding a housewarming do last weekend. Rather than opt for a standard party that would probably result in lasting damage to my new investment, I decided to hold a family afternoon tea – the perfect excuse to bake an awful lot.

My boyfriend and I split the baking duties after coming up with what seemed like a reasonable list of goodies to make for 11 people, including 2 small children who probably wouldn’t eat much. We both started preparations the day before, and must have put in almost 24 hours of graft between us altogether!

All of our savoury options were vegetarian, due to me being a pescetarian and my boyfriend being veggie. However, my mum brought the savoury stars of the show, some chicken samosas (not pictured), to appease those with meatier appetites. She also brought some onion bhajias for us non meat eaters – despite suffering from some horrible jet lag after a recent trip to India. What a trooper!

Housewarming afternoon tea sandwiches

Sandwiches – egg & cress, or possibly savoury cheese

Housewarming afternoon tea sandwiches

More sandwiches

Housewarming afternoon tea mini Caesar salads

Mini caesar salads

My favourite part was, of course, the sweet baking…

Housewarming afternoon tea Victoria sponge

Victoria sponge

Housewarming afternoon tea toffee brownies

Toffee brownies

Housewarming afternoon tea scones

Plain and fruit scones. Served with clotted cream and a choice of raspberry or strawberry jam.

Housewarming afternoon tea brandysnaps


Housewarming afternoon tea Viennese whirls

Viennese whirls, with some Viennese fingers lurking behind them

Housewarming afternoon tea Victoria sponge

Another pic of the Victoria sponge, just because. Along with some cucumber sandwiches. Making a starring guest appearance: ELEPHANT TEAPOT

The tea of choice was some loose Ceylon from Whittard’s, which I would highly, highly recommend for its fresh, delicate flavour – the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

All in all, the event was a huge success, as evidenced by the coma-like silence as everyone sat around clutching at their stomachs towards the end. I was worried about there not being enough, but there was so much left over that we held another afternoon tea with the leftovers for some friends the next day! And there was STILL a lot left over from that, so I made everyone take some goodies home with them.

Housewarming afternoon teaBelow is a list of everything that was made and, where relevant, where the recipes came from and links to any previous posts about them:


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