First bake: lemon buttermilk cake

Lemon buttermilk cakeI ended up with a lot of left over buttermilk after my housewarming afternoon tea, so I thought I’d take advantage of this by, er, baking again. The day after a massive afternoon tea for 11 people. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, I found a simple but delicious-looking recipe on the excellent Cake, Crumbs and Cooking blog that I just had to try – I love all things lemony and this looked pretty foolproof.

I followed the recipe pretty faithfully (although I did add a little vanilla extract), and did indeed end up with the same disgusting-looking mix that Caroline had. However, like her, this also rectified itself after I added the flour. Phew!

Lemon buttermilk cakeThe resulting cake was lovely – the rise was amazing, and the texture was beautifully soft and light. I didn’t have enough icing sugar to make a proper icing like Caroline’s, so I settled for a drizzle-type icing instead, which made for a nicely tangy finish.

Lemon buttermilk cake 3All in all, I would definitely recommend this recipe to all fans of lemon cake. It gives my much beloved lemon drizzle cake a run for its money, and that’s saying something!

The recipe

On the Cake, Crumbs and Cooking blog here:


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