First bake: wholemeal loaf

Wholemeal loaf

This, surprisingly, was my very first attempt at a Proper Loaf. I’ve baked pitta and naan bread before, but never just a good ol’ loaf of bread. I’ve always preferred brown to white bread so I thought I’d ease myself into the world of loaf making by following a Delia recipe for a wholemeal loaf.

Wholemeal loaf

The recipe itself was pretty easy to follow and everything seemed to go according to plan, which is somewhat shocking for me! I did everything it asked for, including warming the flour beforehand – which seemed slightly faffy, but probably made for a better result somehow!

Surprisingly, the recipe doesn’t call for lots of kneading – which I suppose is why it’s a quick and easy method.

Wholemeal loafI have to say, the smell of the loaf baking in the oven was AMAZING. It was so pleasing to have this smell in my house! I think it could maybe have done with a little more baking, though, as the texture was a little dense.

However, it still tasted great – we had some thick slices with big wedges of cheese for lunch and then toasted the rest the next day. It only lasted 2 days for 2 people, but we were both very hungry (of course!) on both days, so it might last longer for others.

I think I would definitely make this again, but knead the dough more/leave it in the oven for longer to see if that helps the texture.

Wholemeal loaf

The recipe

On the Delia Online website here:


3 thoughts on “First bake: wholemeal loaf

  1. I’ve recently made my first white loaf, and this looks like the perfect recipe to try for my first wholemeal. I can imagine it being delicious warm from the oven with plenty of butter!

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