First bake: apricot and raspberry buckle

Apricot and raspberry buckleI love the ‘reduced’ section at the supermarket – when some good stuff has been reduced, that is. Last week I discovered punnets of both raspberries and apricots with the magic yellow sticker on them, so I instantly snapped them up and started searching for a cake recipe that could include both fruits.

The first recipe that came up was a BBC Good Food one, so, of course, I decided to make that one. This was a recipe for apricot and raspberry buckle – a buckle being a type of cake that incorporates fresh fruit and has a crumble-style topping.

This was really easy to make (I’m not sure why BBCGF says it’s ‘moderately easy’ as opposed to ‘easy’). Make the crumble, make the mix, and layer the two in the tin before baking. Thassit.

Apricot and raspberry buckle mix

Apricot and raspberry buckle mix

However, I did find that the crumble mix was a little difficult to distribute evenly across the cake, whether that’s because I didn’t have enough or whether it was just the wrong consistency. As a result, it sort of settled in blobs and sunk slightly into the cake, as you can see below.

Apricot and raspberry buckleDespite this, the crumble was still pretty crumble-like and the cake overall was very tasty indeed. I’ve actually never had fresh apricots before and they were a bit of a revelation – they’re quite plum-like when raw, but wonderfully sweet when cooked (with, erm, a fair bit of sugar). The recipe says you can have this warm, so I had my first piece warm from the tin with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. YUM.

Apricot and raspberry buckleThe fact that you can have this warm or cold makes it really versatile and worth filing away if, like me, you quite like having leftovers to enjoy by yourself after cooking a nice meal for others!

The recipe

On the BBC Good Food website here:


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