First bake: citrus poppy seed cake

Citrus poppy seed cakeCitrus and cake is, in my eyes, one of those world-beating combinations that absolutely cannot fail to please. I’ve made a fair few citrus-flavoured cakes in the past, but I think this has to be my new favourite!

What sets this apart from my previous citrus-themed baking efforts is the fact it combines both lemons (three of them!) and oranges (two) for a truly full-on flavour. I also very rarely bake with poppy seeds, but I can fully understand why lemons and poppy seeds are often paired together.

Citrus poppy seed cake mix

Citrus poppy seed cake mix

The cake is really easy to make once you’ve got the tedious zesting out of the way. The recipe includes natural yogurt in the mix, which does seem to make a big difference to the texture of the cake – I don’t think I’ve made many cakes with a fluffier, lighter crumb!

Citrus poppy seed cakeThe cake topping is supposed to be mascarpone, but I couldn’t get hold of any, so I used full-fat cream cheese instead. I also mixed in a little icing sugar along with the lemon curd and orange juice called for in the recipe. Believe me when I say the icing is bloody amazing.

Citrus poppy seed cakeCitrus poppy seed cake

The balance of flavours in this cake is absolutely spot on. The citrus is strong, but not overly so, and is nicely complemented by the earthy poppy seeds and the decadent icing. I honestly can’t praise this cake enough – I think it’s zoomed straight into my top ten cakes of all time!

The best thing is that there’s still some left…

The recipe

Can be found in BBC Good Food’s 101 Cakes & Bakes.


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