First bake: strawberry layer cake

Strawberry layer cakeI absolutely love fresh strawberries, but have never really baked with them that often. I decided to rectify that recently by making this tempting strawberry layer cake – the perfect summer bake for those rare occasions when the sun’s out!

I adapted a recipe I found elsewhere on the web for strawberry and vanilla cake to make this. I replaced the vanilla bean paste with vanilla extract and didn’t cover the entire cake in the icing, as I didn’t have the time or the fridge space for it! I also swapped the cream cheese in the icing for mascarpone, as that’s all I had (annoyingly, it was the other way round for the citrus poppy seed cake I made a few weeks ago!).

Strawberry layer cakeI loved the resulting cake – the almonds worked really well in the sponge and the fresh strawberries in the middle were lovely. I was a bit dubious about including jam in the middle, but it actually worked well by adding some extra sweetness.

This is a fairly similar recipe to the raspberry and lemon layer cake I made last month – both are perfect for the summer and you can swap the berries for pretty much any other fresh summer fruit if you don’t have strawberries or raspberries to hand!

The recipe

From the Roswensian blog –


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