First bake: cherry and chocolate oat squares

Cherry oat squaresWell, hello there – long time no see! I’ve been on a slight blogging hiatus for a number of reasons, but mainly because I simply haven’t been baking! However, I did manage to get myself out of my slump last weekend with these cherry and chocolate oat squares – which look a lot like flapjacks, to be honest.

I chose to bake these because my guinea pig boyfriend is away for the summer with work, and I wanted to send him a care package including some homemade baked goodies. I settled on something flapjacky as I thought it would be sturdy enough to withstand the perils of travelling by Royal Mail, and just so happened to have a load of glace cherries in the cupboard.

The squares were very easy to make – mix together the dry and wet ingredients separately, fling them together then throw it all into a tin and bake, before drizzling with melted dark chocolate. However, I’ve never really baked with oats before, apart from when I had my first go at parkin last year.

So it was rather ‘interesting’ when I opened the oven at the end of the baking time for these squares only to be faced with a sloppy porridgy mess! However, leaving them in the oven for longer solved that problem – phew!

Cherry oat squaresThe squares are ready to eat when completely cooled (although I found the chocolate hadn’t really set by this point, resulting in some sticky fingers). I made these last weekend and still have 1 left (!) but they’ve gone down very well – at my end, anyway, as my boyfriend hadn’t yet got to his parcel at the time of writing!

The cherry and chocolate complement each other very well, and the oats make the squares really satisfying. If you’re a keen WeightWatchers member like I am (one reason why I haven’t been baking much recently), the squares are a pretty reasonable 6 ProPoints each.

I would think the recipe is easily adaptable – I might try these with coconut added to the mix or with raisins or dried mango in place of the cherries in future. Overall, though, they’re delicious enough!

Cherry oat squaresThe recipe

On the BBC Good Food website here:


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