First bake: blackcurrant Bakewell cake

Blackcurrant bakewell cakeI love the flavour of blackcurrants, but having never seen fresh ones for sale, I’ve never had the chance to bake with them. I did, however, console myself with the help of blackcurrant jam, tinned blackcurrants and this rather quick and easy recipe for blackcurrant Bakewell cake the other week.

Blackcurrant bakewell cake mix

Blackcurrant bakewell cake mix

This is really is a ridiculously easy cake to make. Everything apart from the jam gets mixed in one bowl and thrown in a tin. Bake for a bit, add the jam, and bake for a bit more. Et voila! Blackcurrant Bakewell cake.

Blackcurrant bakewell cakeAs is my wont, I did improvise a little by adding tinned blackcurrants along with the jam, in the hope of imparting more of a fruity flavour. It definitely worked, and created a pleasing tang that went nicely with the sweet jam and almond extract.

Blackcurrant bakewell cakeOf course, tinned fruit is no substitute for fresh, but I live in hope that one day I will have some fresh blackcurrants to go mad with…

The recipe

On the BBC Good Food website here:


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