First bake: soured cream bundt cake

Soured cream bundt cakeI had a bit of a cake tin shopping spree a few weeks ago, obtaining tart tins, a madeleine tin and a bundt tin very cheaply. I’ve been most looking forward to using the bundt tin, and thought BBC Good Food’s recipe for soured cream bundt cake with a butter glaze would be the perfect place to begin, not to mention the ideal way to clog up an artery or two!

There was some faffing involved in making the cake mix – rather than throw everything in a bowl and mix it all together (my favourite method!), you beat together butter and sugar, gradually beat in the eggs, then do some weird half-and-half mixing with the flour, baking powder and soured cream. Then it all goes in the tin and into the oven. Towards the end of the cooking time, you make the butter glaze using sugar, butter, water and vanilla extract.

Soured cream bundt cakeAs you can see from the pictures, my cake didn’t turn out as perfectly as I’d hoped – I gave the cake a good 10 minutes or so longer in the oven than the recipe specified as it didn’t look quite done at the end of 40 minutes, but it seems I should have left it in for a bit longer, as bits of it came away when I tried to prise it from the tin (is there such a thing as a bundt cake tin liner? It would be very helpful!).

Once the cake is out of the tin, brush on some of the butter glaze and then pour the rest over for a cake that could well give you a small heart attack.

Soured cream bundt cake

The result is a beautifully soft, delicious cake that’s also dangerously moreish! My boyfriend pronounced it one of the best cakes I’ve ever made him and, without sounding too big-headed, I think I agree! The vanilla flavour is strong without being overpowering, and the soured cream really makes for a most excellent texture. This is one I’ll definitely make again!

Soured cream bundt cake

The recipe

From the BBC Good Food website here:


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