First bake: double chocolate loaf cake

Double chocolate loaf cakeI had a bit of a panic on Friday night when my mum called me and reminded me that it was my brother’s birthday the following day – and that I was expected to bring a cake! Luckily, I didn’t have to make a mad dash to the shops, as I had plenty of chocolate in for this rather lovely double chocolate loaf cake. As it so happens, it’s also Chocolate Week this week, although it could be argued that it’s always chocolate week in my house…

(Edit: WordPress has just reminded me that this is the 100th post on this blog, which is pretty amazing and worth marking with a chocolate cake!)

As is usually the case with BBC Good Food recipes, this was nice and easy to make. I did, however, mess with the recipe a bit and add a teensy bit more chocolate than it originally called for. Oh, ok, a lot more chocolate – to the extent that this version should probably be called quadruple chocolate loaf cake.

Double chocolate loaf cake mix

Double chocolate loaf cake mix

The chocolate in the cake itself comes from cocoa and chunks of chocolate. I pretty much doubled the quantities of both without thinking, adding some white and milk chocolate to the plain chocolate called for in the recipe. Once the cake has baked and cooled, you’re supposed to melt ‘a few chunks’ of chocolate and drizzle it over the top. I, of course, melted as much chocolate as I could find and dolloped it on top!

Double chocolate loaf cakeThe cake did take a lot longer to cook than specified in the recipe; I think I left it in my gas oven for 20-25 minutes longer than stated, covering the cake with tin foil to make sure it didn’t burn on top towards the end. I left it to cool overnight then quickly decorated it the next morning. It looked a bit of a mess, but, to be honest, the taste far surpassed the cake’s appearance!

Double chocolate loaf cakeThe cake was deliciously moist, dense and – of course – packed with chocolate flavour. Adding all the extra chocolate didn’t do any harm at all. In fact, I suspect it would have been rather dull if I hadn’t gone overboard! My brother was very pleased with the cake, to the extent that he refused to let my mum give some to her friends. Ha!

The recipe

On the BBC Good Food website here:


4 thoughts on “First bake: double chocolate loaf cake

  1. The cake looks great – I don’t think that it’s technically possible to have too much chocolate and certainly not if it’s for a birthday. I’m a big fan of the BBC Good Food recipes as well. They always work and their website is really easy to use so it’s great for when you have an ingredient you need to use.

    • Definitely no such thing as too much chocolate! I did worry that all the chocolate chunks in the mix would sink to the bottom upon baking, but that didn’t happen (phew). I do love BBC Good Food a lot!

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