First bake: oaty plum gingerbread slice

Oaty plum gingerbread sliceHappy 2014! I’ve made a resolution to bake more and therefore blog more this year – I feel like I didn’t do quite enough of either in 2013, especially towards the end of the year. To kick things off, I made this seasonal and comforting oaty gingerbread plum slice yesterday.

The slice is basically a layer of gingerbread topped with plums and a crumble topping. There are oats in both the gingerbread and topping, and the ginger flavour comes from ground and stem ginger.

Oaty plum gingerbread slice mix


It was pretty easy to put together, although my plums weren’t quite ripe so it was a slight struggle getting the stones out. The gingerbread is made entirely in a pan, which makes for less washing up!

Oaty plum gingerbread sliceI did make one error with this bake, though – I took it out of the oven before it was quite cooked in the middle, as the topping made it hard to see if had properly baked or not. Still, it wasn’t the end of the world, as the pieces around the edges were fine and I can simply eat the middle warm with some ice cream – which is precisely what I did last night…

Oaty plum gingerbread slice with ice cream

Warm oaty plum gingerbread slice with ice cream

All in all, this was a rather nice bake to begin the year with – spicy, satisfying and slightly virtuous thanks to the oats and fresh fruit. I would bake it for longer next time, but that’s about it in terms of changes!

Oaty plum gingerbread sliceThe recipe

On the BBC Good Food website here:


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