Chocolate porter cake

Chocolate porter cake

It struck me a few days ago that it’s been a while since I’ve made a good ol’ chocolate cake. Not one to settle for any old chocolate cake recipe, I hunted for something a little bit different and came across a rather wonderful recipe for chocolate stout cake.

This promptly became chocolate porter cake due to the availability of said drink in my house (there is a difference between the two). I’ve baked with porter before with great results. I was a little worried that the rich chocolate would overpower the flavour of the porter, but that was very much unfounded.

Chocolate porter cake

The cake was very easy to make. The porter is infused at both the cake and icing stages – you melt the dark chocolate with the porter for the cake, and then the milk chocolate with the porter for the icing. I didn’t have any light brown sugar so I made do with a mixture of golden caster sugar and dark brown sugar.

I did have to bake the cake for about 20 minutes longer than the recipe states, so be warned! I would also recommend sifting the flour – the recipe doesn’t specify this and I ended up with a slightly lumpy batter.

Chocolate porter cake mix

Chocolate porter cake mix

Do be sure to leave the cake to cool in the tin for a while before turning it out – I didn’t leave it for long enough and ended up taking lumps of the underside of the cake away with the base of the tin!

The icing was similarly easy to make and spread very easily without being overly runny. I would say that the recipe makes a lot of icing and you could probably get away with making two-thirds or even half the amount.

Chocolate porter cake

The cake did turn out beautifully in the end. The sponge was light and very chocolaty, but with a distinct porter flavour, while the icing was, er, the icing on the cake. I would heartily recommend this recipe if you want to make a chocolate cake with a difference for a special occasion!

Chocolate porter cake

The recipe

Can be found on the BBC Food website here (I substituted the stout for Asda Extra Special Porter).


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