My top 5 coconut baking recipes + 5 on the to-bake list

This post heralds the start of what I hope will be a series of occasional round-ups of some of my favourite baking recipes, each with a different theme. Today, I’m kicking things off with one of my most beloved ingredients: coconut!

1) Mango and coconut cake

Mango and coconut cake

This was my second attempt at a cake combining two of my favourite ingredients – and it was definitely a charm. This is the perfect summer cake and one that won’t last for very long!

2) Lemon coconut cake

Lemon coconut cake

This is one of the most popular recipes on this blog, and for good reason. As if the beautiful combination of coconut and lemon isn’t enough, the whole thing is finished off with a decadent cream cheese icing. The perfect Easter cake!

3) Coconut layer cake

Coconut layer cake

This is a wonderfully versatile cake that you can sandwich with whatever you fancy – you could go for pretty much any jam, some kind of chocolate buttercream, lemon curd, more coconut… you get the picture. This post is also a good example of my tendency to get over-excited and throw in more coconut than required by the recipe.

4) Orange macaroon cake

Orange macaroon cake

I initially wanted to make this cake to combine both mine and my boyfriend’s favourite flavours to celebrate his return from a long summer away with work last year (pass the sick bucket, eh?!). It’s incredibly more-ish and makes a lovely change from the more traditional pairings of coconut with various types of berry.

5) Bounty cake

Bounty cake

The daddy of ’em all, this is my most recent coconut-related success – and it’s bloody gorgeous. Not for the faint-hearted, there’s more coconut than you can shake a stick at, and you can tweak the flavours however you like. Just don’t skimp on the coconut.

And here are 5 more that I want to bake…

1. Coconut and lemon bakewell tart (John Whaite)

I’ve never baked a tart, but I’d really like to start with this one… yum!

2. Coconut quindim (BBC Good Food)

Never heard of a quindim? I hadn’t, until I came across this recipe. It’s a Brazilian dessert and looks bloody lovely.

3. Coconut and cardamom bread and butter pudding (Good Food Channel)

You start reading the name and you’re thinking: ‘oooh… exotic’. Then you get to ‘bread and butter pudding’ and you’re suddenly all ‘oh’. But I do like bread and butter pudding, and combining a quintessential British pud with lovely Indian flavours is a nice idea.

4. Fluffy coconut and lime cake (olive magazine)

I love coconut with lime. This looks so very tempting, and could be a nice special occasion cake.

5. Lemon, almond and coconut friands (Made From Scratch)

I’d really like to bake these for a sophisticated afternoon tea with a twist. You can’t go wrong with coconut and almond together!

Do you have any favourite coconut-related bakes?


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