Sticky ginger cake with ginger fudge icing

Sticky ginger cake with ginger fudge icing
News: I left my job on Friday. I decided to say goodbye to my much-loved colleagues at Axonn by bringing in a bake a day in my last week. Because, you know, I like to keep busy. My week of baking culminated in this magnificent sticky ginger cake with ginger fudge icing, which is probably my all-time favourite ginger cake.

I don’t have any other pictures for you other than the above as blogging was the last thing on my mind last week, but hopefully you can get an idea of the lusciousness of this cake from that single photo. The cake is a beautifully moist sponge studded with pieces of stem ginger (I also threw in some crystallised ginger as I didn’t have quite enough stem ginger) topped with a decadent icing flavoured with syrup from the stem ginger jar. The cake is also soaked in the syrup for extra gingery-ness!

I actually didn’t get to have a piece as I wanted to save as much as possible for everyone at work, but I was very reliably informed that the cake was ace. Which definitely matches up with my memories of the two other times I’ve made this cake!

The recipe is from BBC Good Food 101 Cakes & Bakes – someone kindly posted it on Mumsnet if you fancy having a go. You can use dark muscovado or dark brown sugar instead of molasses sugar, if you can’t find it in the shops. I also make half the icing as you do end up with A LOT.

As for the other bakes from last week, here’s the line-up:

Mince pies (Monday)

Mince pies (Monday)

Porter cake (Thursday)

Porter cake (Thursday)

I’m going from working in an office of 30-odd people to precisely 3 (including myself) when I start my new job tomorrow, so we’ll see whether I can keep up my baking efforts with so few guinea pigs to test my bakes on! I think I’ve managed to fulfill my new year’s resolution of baking more this year, so I’m probably entitled to slow down a little come 2015… but we’ll see whether that actually happens!


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