Passion fruit layer cake

Passion fruit layer cake
I’ve never done anything with passion fruit before, apart from enjoy its juice in a fancy cocktail made by someone else. But I was very taken with this passion fruit layer cake recipe when I came across it on Pinterest, so I made a spur of the moment decision to make it.

Passion fruits are odd things. They’re filled with seeds that you can eat, but the best bit is the orange flesh that produces the aforementioned juice, which is capable of transporting you to a tropical island lapped by turquoise waters with a single sip… mentally, that is.

Passion fruit layer cake
The passion fruits I got were a bit under-ripe, so there wasn’t that much flesh to enjoy. Luckily, they produced just enough juice for this recipe.

The juice goes into the buttercream, which combines with the butter and icing sugar to create a real taste sensation. I couldn’t stop licking the bowl I made the icing in! Some of the juice is also brushed on to the sponges themselves, which is a nice touch.

The sponges came out wonderfully; they were just the right texture for a cake like this. Dense but not heavy, buttery but not too rich – absolutely perfect.

Passion fruit layer cake
Three of us managed to devour two-thirds of this cake within a day, which says everything you need to know about how good this cake is. I managed to somehow part with the rest to give it to my boyfriend’s sister, whose favourite fruit is passion fruit (and who is also a superb baker), and she gave it the thumbs up too.

Passion fruit layer cake
All in all, this is one of those cakes you simply have to make, especially if you’re planning a lovely afternoon tea for when the weather gets a bit nicer and you can sit outside with tea, scones and a centrepiece cake. Do it!

The recipe

Can be found on the Olive magazine website here:

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