Spiced teacakes

Spiced teacakes
A few weeks ago I asked my fiancé whether he had any baking-related requests, and he mentioned that he’d been enjoying toasted teacakes of late. After a quick search online I found a recipe for spiced teacakes that didn’t look too difficult to make, so I decided to have a go.

Spiced teacakes
At least, I thought they were easy until I realised I didn’t have quite enough strong white flour, so I had to substitute half of it for strong wholemeal flour and cross my fingers!

Spiced teacakes
They seemed to rise okay the first time, but didn’t rise very much at all the second time. I put them in the oven anyway and continued to cross my fingers…

Spiced teacakes
They were a tiny bit underdone in the middle, but otherwise, they tasted really nice thanks to the spices and orange zest. The teacakes were a tad heavy and became more so after a day or two, so if you make these and also use wholemeal flour, do bear this in mind!

I think I wouldn’t make these with wholemeal flour again, but I’ll definitely give them another go with the correct amount of strong white flour soon – they really were delicious warm with lashings of butter.

The recipe

Can be found on the BBC Food website here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/spiced_teacakes_29429


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