Chocolate and hazelnut bundt cake

Chocolate and hazelnut bundt cake
I nearly forgot to blog about this one! It was my fiancé‘s birthday at the end of July, and I decided to make him a cake involving his all-time favourite combination: chocolate and hazelnuts.

I found a recipe for chocolate and hazelnut bundt cake on the Dolly Bakes blog and attempted to do my best with it. It was a little bit involved and made a LOT of cake mix – I actually ended up with a fair amount mix of all over the bottom of the oven. I assume my bundt tin is smaller than average, so be warned!

The best thing about the cake is the layer of Nutella running through the middle – you make this happen by putting some of the mix in the tin, then throwing some Nutella in and topping this with the rest of the mix. I also chucked in some roughly chopped milk chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips – I just think they’re so much nicer.

Chocolate and hazelnut bundt cake
Unfortunately, I had a bit of a disaster when turning out the cake thanks to the annoying nature of bundt tins, even when they’re very well greased and floured. Luckily, I could hide the cracks with lots of icing!

Despite the cake’s somewhat messy appearance, it went down extremely well with my fiancé – he said it was one of his favourite cakes out of all the ones I’ve ever made (and I’ve made A LOT). I don’t know if I’d make this again just because it seemed to take ages to get to grips with, but I suppose I better had for the sake of good future marital relations!

Chocolate and hazelnut bundt cake


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