Five bakes for Chocolate Week

Triple chocolate muffins... about as chocolatey as it gets

Triple chocolate muffins… about as chocolatey as it gets

The baking blogosphere has been going chocolate-crazy thanks to it being Chocolate Week. I’ll be joining in the fun this weekend by baking one of my all-time favourite chocolate recipes, but in the meantime, here are five others I’ve posted about in the past to drool over…

1) Chocolate orange cookies and triple chocolate muffins

Both of these are perfect for chocoholics, although the muffins are definitely the ultimate cocoa-filled treat!

2) Mochachino brownies with white mocha sauce

Another triple chocolate delight, but a little more sophisticated than the muffins and perfect for a dinner party.

3) Alchemist’s chocolate cake

This Dan Lepard recipe really is alchemy – how is it possible for tinned pears and a bit of cocoa powder to become this gorgeously moist, chocolatey cake?! And not a knob of butter in sight.

4) Mocha fudge cake with coffee icing

This is a super sweet treat for both chocolate and coffee fans. Just keep an eye on the icing to make sure it doesn’t go as runny as mine did!

5) Caramel banana blondies

I absolutely love using white chocolate in baking, and this is a prime example of how well it can work.